The Story

Forged in the searing heat of the missionary ridge fire of 2002, Homeslice Pizza was the brainchild of Childhood prodigy pizza eater, and genius entrepreneur Cory Kitch, his world renown chef brother Gabe Kitch, and super model, financial sorceress and nutrition expert ( most supermodels are nutrition experts) Lynn Kitch. Fixated since childhood on solving the world’s problems, Cory found himself at a crossroads in 2002. Which problem to tackle first; global warming, energy, the chronic poor decision making of Hollywood idols? No, He knew he needed to start BIG…REAL BIG. That’s when it hit him… And starting with a monumental gesture he ended a war. A war that no one thought would ever end. No, not the middle east thingy. The battle over who had the best pizza; New York or Chicago. He figured that, like trickle-down economics, if this war (perhaps the greatest of our time) could come to a peaceful resolution, then the rest of the wars, squabbles, disagreements, and altercations would simply realize their triviality. This realization would then lead to less global conflict bringing with it a sharp decline in fossil fuel consumption, which in turn would decrease carbon emissions, simultaneously ending the energy crisis and global warming. As for the Hollywood idiots (oops, idols) he would have to solve that problem later.
“A compromise is the art of dividing a Pizza in such a way that everyone believes he got the biggest piece” - Cory Kitch
Armed with the nutrition expertise of Lynn, and the culinary expertise of Gabe, the three embarked on the monumental task of pleasing both New York style, and Chicago style Pizza enthusiasts. And thus Homeslice Pizza was born.
“The crust is as soft and supple as a baby’s bottom, yet with the bite of a cynical old man…ageless” - Modern Pizza Eater Magazine
“They [Homeslice] have done as much to further world peace as anyone in this generation” - Peaceful World Today Magazine
They knew the world wide outpouring of love for their Pizza (or Peace-a, as it would soon become known) would be great, so they created their business using only the most sustainable practices in the hope of furthering the use of sustainable practices, and being sustainable, in their sustainability, for a very long sustainable amount of time. Homeslice buys local products whenever possible. They use local businesses and services whenever possible. They recycle, conserve energy, and (most importantly) they make a great pie.
Whirled Piece In 2009, Homeslice completed an extensive remodel which included the installation of a rotating deck oven. This masterpiece of convection has four stone decks that rotate. Homeslice may find this considerably more exciting than you, however, it does have a glass oven door so you can directly visualize Whirled Piece (please be cautious as several customers have fainted due to dizziness, or anticipation, we’re not sure). Piece Out, Cory
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